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Wanxiang International Limited ("Wanxiang") is a company specialising in producing natural and synthetic ingredients used in a wide variety of products.

Our ingredients are mainly used in daily consumer and food products which not only enjoy success in China markets but also in Europe, America, South East Asia markets.

Our company headquarter is located in Shanghai. Wanxiang has manufacturing plants and R&D facilities in Shanghai and Huaian City, PRC and also sales and administrative offices in Europe, America and South East Asia.

Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, the Company has incorporated sales and marketing, technical and operation, finance and accounting, human resources and corporate investment department.

Wanxiang has an independent R&D centre and pilot plant facilities and as part of our R&D programme, we have established close relationships with Nankai and Nanjing Universities with built workstations for doctorial and academician. We hold 9 national patents relating to environmental protection engineering and optimisation of production processes, thus, creating new products and cost optimisation that are of international standards in order to provide our clients with the most competitive and highest quality products.

Wanxiang has a global sales and marketing network with offices in China, America, United Kingdom, Singapore, India and Japan.

Our products are widely used in daily chemical and food flavours. We have warehouses in New Jersey in United States, Grasses in France and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, so as to provide professional and quality local services to our international customers. We have designed our production plants in accordance with international industry standards which possess advanced production technology and automation control systems. We have obtained and strictly complied with ISO9001, quality control system and ISO22000, implementation of product safety system requirements, and have been awarded the worldrecognised SGS, CQC and Kosher, and Halal quality and product safety certifications. From raw materials, intermediates to finished products, there are strict controls at every aspect, which will ensure high quality, cost-optimised, sustainable, safe and stable supply.

Wanxiang is an organisation with social responsibility and fast growing corporation. Currently, we are the main supplier for L-carvone globally and a major spearmint oil supplier in China. In the near future, we aim to be one of the major suppliers for Methyl Dihydromethyl Jasmonate and Ambergris Ketone.