WanXiang International

Wanxiang Int'l is a listed company on the Singapore stock exchange, specializing in producing natural and synthetic ingredients used in a wide variety of products. Our ingredients enjoy worldwide success in products ranging from laundry detergents, fine perfumes, foods, toothpaste, and many other consumer goods.

Our worldwide headquarters are located in Shanghai. Wanxiang has manufacturing centers in Shanghai as well as Huaian City in Jiangsu province. Our facility in Huaian is also home to our R&D center and pilot plant.

Wanxiang Int'l is dedicated to being one of the world's most respected ingredients manufacturers in the flavor and fragrance industry. We aim to provide our customers with competitive products, be our customer's strategic partner, and help our customers succeed in the marketplace.

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Career Opportunity

We continue to strengthen our capability to create and innovate by continuous improvement and have adopted a strategic approach to our human resources development. We are always interested in individuals who feel they can add real value to our growing organization. Wanxiang welcomes you!

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